BCH is LIVE, GPU Repurchases LIVE, and More Upgrades…

Included in this update… 

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is LIVE
  • New Dedicated Deposit System
  • All Commissions Paid in Bitcoin Cash
  • ALL GPU Repurchases LIVE

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is LIVE!

We are excited to announce Bitcoin Cash transactions are now live and our entire system has been updated to run exclusively on BCH. As of this moment we are no longer accepting Bitcoin for any payments.

This includes all invoices, all commissions, and all products moving forward. You will only see Bitcoin Cash addresses showing on invoices and if you try to send Bitcoin it will not accept the payment, so please don’t try it.

To help make the process easy we have a new Auto Conversion Tool that allows you to convert any of your BTC wallet balance to BCH. We also have a dedicated BTC and BCH deposit address that you can use to fund your wallets at anytime.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can still deposit Bitcoin (BTC) into your BitClub Credit Wallet by using the Deposit tab under your wallet page. This will allow you to send any amount of BTC into your BitClub Credit Wallet and then convert the BTC to BCH and pay for mining packages or any other invoices.

If you are unsure whether you are using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash please contact support or your upline team member before sending payments because if you send the wrong coin to the wrong address your tokens will be lost forever.

New Dedicated Deposit System

We have made a nice upgrade to our deposit system. Each member now has their own dedicated deposit address for both BTC and BCH.

This allows you to fund your Credit Wallets without having to generate an invoice. Simply send any amount of BTC or BCH to your address and after 3 confirmations on the blockchain it the coins will be credited automatically.

You can send as much or as often as you like.

Commissions Paid in BCH… 

Starting today all future commissions will be paid into your BCH wallet and not your BTC wallet. This includes Binary commissions, matching bonuses, level up bonuses, and infinity bonuses that come from the compensation plan.

You can easily track all of the commissions under your BCH wallet history

We will continue to mine Bitcoin and pay pool payments in Bitcoin. At some point we may allow you to chose between how you want to allocate your ASIC sha-256 hardware just like we give you the option with GPU’s. (but for now we will continue to mine BTC)

All GPU Repurchases are LIVE

Also launching today is our GPU Repurchases for all new GPU packages sold.

Each share will start with 30% being held . Once the coin reaches the required threshold it will automatically force a repurchase for that coin, which pays commissions upline on each sale.

All existing shares have the option to set the repurchase percentage to whatever is desired and you can change to go higher or lower all the way up to 100% or down to 0% just like our Bitcoin mining shares.

Thanks for your patience while we worked through the last details of making all these new features live. We have some really good features coming online right after these and we are excited to continue expanding.

-BCN Support