Updates on bugs, Debit Card update, and more…

Included in this update… 

  • Massive Database Causing a Few Bugs
  • Mining Earnings Comp Paid Today
  • Monero Payments Delayed
  • Debit Card Update
  • New Website, Back Office Updates

Massive Database Causing a Few Bugs

The BitClub database has now grown to over 1 TB in size and with hundreds of thousands of new records and calculations being created daily we are starting to see some bugs pop up. You may have noticed slow confirmations on deposits and some display issues that come from pages not loading properly.

The main issue comes from all the new repurchases and infinity bonus calculations but the good news is we do have a solution. Over the next week we are going to be moving all of the older data out of the database. Anything from before 2018 will be cached and removed from the main database.

This is already happening and it will not affect your account in anyway, the only thing you will notice is a few temporary display issues as we move the data. The biggest issues will come from older accounts with lots of records so please be patient. You may see your wallet balances, mining earnings and other historic data that will look very wrong.

Don’t worry these are just display issues as we move the database and optimize the system and you will see all of the correct data return. We hope to have everything completed by the end of the week.

Sorry for the continued bugs lately we hope to be back 100% so we can get back to building the fun stuff.

Mining Earnings Comp Paid Today! 

Everyone who is active in the pool got a nice boost today from a comp that we received. This comp was scheduled on the 1st but with the issues we had in our database we had to delay the comp until today.

Our mining operation is about to get 3-4x bigger over the next few months and we are very excited to watch these earnings increase permanently as we grow.

Monero Withdrawals Delayed

Monero withdrawals have also been pushed back due to the database restructure. We just started allowing withdrawals again right before this issue became critical and we will resume paying withdrawals once everything is completed.

Please remember to get a valid Payment ID when requesting your XMR withdrawal. You can continue to request your withdrawals and it’s our plan to begin paying them no later than Friday of this week.

Debit Card Update 

Our new debit card is almost ready to launch and we think you are going to love it!

So far we’ve already pre-ordered 350,000 cards and we have another 500,000 on standby. These cards are all branded with the CoinPay logo.

As always we will make the card available to Mega, and Monster Builders first and then Master Builders next, followed by Pro Builders and then everyone will be able to apply for one.

This debit card is very unique and unlike anything else in the market. You will receive an app that works on both Android and iPhone that you can download to manage your balance. This is where you can load your card and check your balance very easily.

We are actually using CoinPay for the wallets and conversion of your Cryptos (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and ClubCoin) into USD. This USD value will be loaded into your virtual wallet on the app and then you will load the card from your USD virtual balance.

This app will also store in Hong Kong dollars and Euros. We have allocated many cards for the Korean and Japanese market and our partners have distribution centers all over the world to get the card in your hands quickly.

Our plan is to start offering this card to the top ranks on March 15th and then to everyone a week or so later. The other great thing about this card is once you are approved for it you will be given a virtual number to begin using the card ASAP before it arrives.

We will share more about the sign up process, fees, and cost of the card when it’s ready to launch.

New Website and Back Office Updates

We are on track to launch a brand new website in April. This will include an updated skin with a look and feel you can be proud of. We will be sharing all the mock ups very soon including some teaser videos, new content and more.

The new back office is also on track and will include all of the features you have been looking for. Better downline stats, commission reporting, mining earnings, and a lot of really cool features to help you better manage your BitClub business.

BitClub has a lot of new things planed that will launch in spring and early summer and we couldn’t be more excited about the next few months. As always, thank you so much for being a member and just know our team will continue to support you and do our best.

-BCN Support Team