Big Update… New Website, Mining Power and Big Upgrades

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Big Update… New Website, Mining Power and Big Upgrades
Date: July 7th

Included in this update…

  • New Website and Upgraded Back Office
  • New Replicated Websites
  • New Videos LIVE
  • Bitcoin Mining Update
  • Repurchases, Withdrawals, Mining Payouts
  • New Terms & Conditions – Must Agree

New Website and Upgraded Back Office

As you can see we just made a big update to our website and members back office today. This update was long overdue and is only the first of many updates that will be going live over the next few weeks.

We completely rebuilt the platform to work better with today’s standards in both usability and security. This will also help us keep the website up to date in multiple languages as we move forward.

The next phase of upgrades will include new content and a members dashboard that will help you manage your BitClub business a lot more effectively. This will include new reports, upgraded binary view, upgraded unilevel/enrollment tree, and real time tracking and ranking info.

Then finally we will start rolling out a suite of new marketing tools in all languages to help you promote BitClub and be successful. We invite you to click around and get familiar with the new look and feel of BitClub Network as we move into our next phase of growth.

New Replicated Websites

To match our new skin we have launched a brand new replicated website. There is a short version and a long version that you can use.

Short version –

Long version –

There is also a brand new page when a lead or new member fills out the information request and hits submit. They will be landed inside the new lead back office with an updated sales page. These pages are not available in all languages but will be in the coming weeks.

You may also notice some languages are no longer on the list. We will be bringing back all of these languages within the next couple weeks and we are working on supporting a few more. If your main language was removed from the list please wait a few weeks until we are able to upload the new templates.

New Videos

You will see all new videos that are now up to date with BitClub Network and the mining opportunity we have built. You will also notice many new short videos that we are calling “in-time” videos that will address the most common mistakes and help you pay an invoice, make a withdrawal, and much more.

Our goal is to have dozens of these in-time videos in all languages to help limit the training and support that leaders are currently spending time on. If you have a good idea for an in-time video please reach out to us and let us know.

Bitcoin Mining Update

The past few months have been very challenging for us to deploy new mining hardware. We mentioned some of our pain points in previous updates but now we finally have some good news…

We are excited to announce 400 PH that just went live on our pool and by the end of this week we should see around 1,000 PH in total. Our team is working very hard to catch up and expect to see around 2,000 PH in total by the end of August.

Thanks for your patience, we know many members have been frustrated by the low mining earnings lately but we hope this provides a nice boost and puts our pool back to where it should be on the blockchain pie chart.

Our Outlook on Mining…

Right now the mining industry is crazy because the difficulty is rising a lot faster than the price, and when BTC is low it means the profits in mining per block are not very good. When the price is low the difficulty should drop, however it has increased every 10 days since the start of the year.

We are now at a 5,363,678,461,481 difficulty (which is 5.3 Trillion). To put that in perspective the difficulty on Jan 1st of this year was 1.9 Trillion and going back 1 year ago in July 2017 it was only 708 Billion.

This means on average it takes 5x more hashing power today to earn the same amount compared to just 1 year ago. The bottom line here, if Bitcoin does not significantly rise in value many mining operations will be forced to shut down and when this happens we will see the difficulty drop.

Luckily for us we have a huge advantage being in the space for 4 years and we will continue to operate with that long-term plan in mind. Our goal is not to make quick profits in the short term, our goal is to stand the test of time and accumulate as much new Bitcoin as we can on behalf of all members.

So while the market may be down and you may be feeling negative about low mining earnings and low BTC price don’t worry, it’s only temporary! We are here for the long haul and each time we sell a new 1,000 day contract we have a plan to mine for 1,000 days!

Repurchases, Withdrawals, Mining Payouts

During this update some features had to be taken offline and scripts that normally run have been paused over the past 7 days. This includes repurchases which will run sometime this week once the new version is stable. It also includes paying mining earnings and processing withdrawals.

We expect everything to be back to normal by the end of this week, as long as there are no major bugs in this new rollout.

New Terms and Conditions for Members – Must Agree!

When we launched BitClub Network back in July 2014 (almost exactly 4 years ago) Bitcoin and the entire crypto currency market was in a completely different place than today. Back then the market was very small and the mining was only known to a select few participants.

During our launch we were actively seeking legal advice on how to set this company up, however there were no rules or guidelines to follow and nobody could give us a straight answer so we decided to keep everything informal and focus on expanding our mining operations.

Fast forward 4 years to today and the market is much different. BitClub has grown by leaps and bounds and the crypto market in general is maturing and going mainstream all over the world. For this reason we believe it’s time to set a new standard and begin protecting what we have all built together.

To do this we hired a new legal team, we set up a full compliance department and we have been establishing proper entities and protocols that will bring BitClub out of the shadows and into the light. The first order of business was to define new Terms and Conditions and Policies & Procedures to give everyone a set of rules to play by.

These new terms are now live and in order to continue earning with BitClub you must agree to the new terms. Most likely if you are reading this you have already agreed to the terms but we wanted to explain them and our reasoning for adding them now.

These terms include our new refund policy, the rights you have as a distributor, the rights you have in regard to the 1,000 day mining contracts, and what you can and can’t do from a marketing standpoint. They also include strict compliance rules based on whatever country you reside in.

United States Update…

Unfortunately our US policy has not changed. We are staying clear of the US market for the time being and we plan on cracking down on all US members (including members residing in the US who are using VPN’s to access the website).

If you are currently building in the US please stop! We have warned about this many times but now that we have a clearly defined set of rules we will begin enforcing them in a major way.

NOTE: If you are in the US and you would like a refund please contact us. Also, if you do not wish to accept our new terms and conditions please open a support ticket and we can provide you with some potential refund options.

Thanks for helping us protect BitClub Network, we plan to be around for a long time!

-BCN Support Team

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Apa itu bitcon ? Secara singkat bisa dijelaskan sbb:

BITCOIN adalah sebuah obyek investasi (seperti emas, properti dsb) yg berupa asset digital. Dimana bitcoin berpotensi mengalami tingkat pertumbuhan profit paling tinggi diantara semua produk investasi.

Kami menyediakan layanan kemitraan dalam usaha menambang BitCoin dengan sistem bagi hasil proporsional.


Modal (resiko) minimal, mendapatkan hasil maksimal.

Hanya dengan Rp.500.000 per paket Hak Usaha. Anda sudah bisa mendapatkan Pasif Income selamanya…

3 Langkah mudah untuk bermitra dengan Bitcoin Klub Indonesia
  1. Mendaftar/bergabung
  2. Lakukan deposit pada salah satu rekening
  3. Konfirmasi kepada kami


Proyek penambangan ini di dukung oleh BitClub Network. Lebih detailnya…, silakan kunjungi laman di bawah ini:

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